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A Fresh Start

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hey there!

Long time no...see? I'm so sorry! 

If you're a current follower, you'll see that I changed my blog name from Demi's Nails to As Told by Demi. Here's the sitch:

The last time I was truly dedicated to blogging was when I was in college. I had time to do my nails and I really loved it. Over the past few years, my love of nail polish has not diminished, but my love of blogging about it has.

So, why am I writing this? Just recently (read: 14 days ago) I moved to Boston from Arizona. I have always lived on the West side of the country. It is a totally new experience for me - living in a bustling and crowded city space. No car. With two dogs. Living in a brownstone built in the 1800s on the third floor with THE most terrifying single person elevator ever. I'm totally going to lose weight taking the stairs every day. ;)

Here are few photos of my adventure so far: 

Yay! FOOD! And gorgeous scenery. I'm about a 5 minute walk from Boston Public Garden.

Anyway, I've totally grown up and away from Demi's Nails. That stage is over! Now, I'm sharing my life through your screen. While I may not always have something to share, it's nice to know that I can share whatever I want, whenever, and not feel bad about posting a food picture on my nail blog.

Thank you for sticking around over the years through sporadic posting and some non-nail related posts. 🙌

I hope you'll still like what you see from me in the future. 

This is my life, as seen through your screen. Nail art, travel, social media and food. It's all here. 


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ModCloth Dress Inspired Nails - "Delightful Day Out" Floral Nails

Sunday, July 27, 2014
Hello lovelies! I've been on quite a hiatus.  I apologize! 
To get back on the blogging wagon, I have this cute blue floral pattern to show you. 
ModCloth contacted me asking if I wanted to take part in their Nail Klub Dresses Challenge. The Nail Klub link will direct you to their original inspiration post! 
I was prompted to find a dress from their site and recreate a nail look inspired by the dress of my choice.