Magnetic Polish!

Saturday, February 4, 2012
I have seen so many swatches of magnetic polishes. Now that China Glaze and Icing have come out with their own versions, many people have hopped on the bandwagon.

I was at Rite Aid tonight and lo and behold down on a bottom shelf in a center display were some polishes called Magnetix. They are made by Pretty Woman and retail for $7.99 each. This is a pretty good price considering some of the other brands go for upward of $12. They don't have names on them, but I got a nice dark green that has a tiny bit of shimmer to it.

The polish worked like a charm when the coat was thick and wet. You have to get the magnet over it right away for the effect to take place properly. If the coat is too thin you get more of a blob than a wavy or straight effect!

This picture shows the pretty dark green of the color and then the light green it shifts to once the magnet works its magic. =]

What do you think? I might have to go back and get the magenta, purple and blue looking ones! They had quite a few color options.

*Products were purchased by me, for me. All opinions are my own.*
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