Zoya Casey

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Ok, not only do I love Zoya, I LOOOOOVE vampy polishes. Zoya Casey is, by far, my most favorite one. Thanks to a lovely nail friend I received this color as a gift for sending her Revlon's Whimsical. She also gave me Zoya Juno, Orly Charged Up and, wait for it, Ludurana Aurora Boreal Admiravel! My first Brazilian polish. =D

On to swatches. Casey is a deep plum vampy, jelly-ish polish. I didn't do clean up for my pictures so you can see the purple shine through on the thin layer closest to my cuticles.

I used two coats. This is pre-topcoat. 

Inside, artificial light, flash

Outside, cloudy

Yeah...I know this is super red, but I was outside and it was freezing and snowing. 

 Remember, you can click to enlarge all of these pics! =]

Enjoy! Do you have a favorite vampy polish? 

*Products were purchased by me, for me. All opinions are my own.*

2 comments on "Zoya Casey"
  1. I love Casey for me I'm love vampy colors. Its one of those colors like Jem and Isla that I've gone thru more than one bottle Tina

  2. Tina! I know, vamps are just amazing. I'm definitely going to go through Casey quickly! You are so awesome for sending them to me. Thanks again!


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