Blaze UV/Sun Activated Polish

Friday, March 23, 2012
Today I have some color changing polish for you all. The brand is Blaze UV/Sun Activated Nail Polish. They recently had a "flash" sale of sorts through their Facebook page. The deal was to get their polish for half-off during a two hour stretch and receive a free top/base coat. I bought three.

The first one I tried (on my nubbins, gahhhhh) was Sandy Surf to Black Coral. This shade goes from a nice nude, yellow shimmer to a darker purple shimmer in the sunlight.

The formula was a bit hard to work with because of how thin it was. I have on one thin coat and one thick coat, but it could have probably used one or two more.  

The color indoors. 

When I stepped into sunlight

 As you can see, the color changes when the sunlight hits it! I was actually pretty impressed but the color it changed to. I am definitely a purple girl, if you haven't noticed. It does say that the color changes to black coral...but this is definitely purple.

Sunlight for one minute

Back inside, changing back to the coral color. 

Overall, I enjoyed how fun this was. I was excited to see how it looked in the sunlight! It is pretty interesting to have two colors for the price of one (haha).

Blaze nail polish sells for $12.95 on their website here. It looks like a few of them have a "special" price at $9 right now.

I have two more to try out. Look for the review in the future!


*All products were purchased by me, for me. All opinions are my own.*
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