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Sunday, March 4, 2012
Hello! Today I have a little bit of spam for ya! I recently purchased four bottles of Borghese nail polish from RiteAid for $2 a pop. They are usually $8! The RiteAid was having a clearance and most of the colors were gone. Of the 8 that were left I chose Arriverderci Mist, Maraschino, Menta and Carnevale Grape.

I had never tried this brand of polish before.

Continue reading for more pictures and details.

First up is Arriverderci Mist. I'm a sucker for these greige (elephant-y) colors! This one went on really smooth. Two nice coats and it dried fairly quick as well. =]

Next is Maraschino! This is my favorite! What a hot color this is! It is is so bright and pink. I had to get it because I absolutely love maraschino cherries. Mmm. This is two coats. It was slightly thin but not too hard to work with. It is gorgeous in real life.

Now we have Menta, a nice minty green as the name hints. It is slightly shimmery IRL too. I really like the color. It is very Springtime-esque and gorgeous. However, I only have two coats on and it really needed three. 

Finally, Carnevale Grape. This is the vampy color of the four! You know me, I love vamps. However, this is my least have of the four. It is a VERY deep purple. It is slightly thin and a little bit hard to work with. I have two coats on, but three would probably be best. One coat is definitely a no no! I posted a pic with just one coat on my thumb down below.

The thumb is one thin, streaky coat. 
Overall, I am pretty pleased with the results. I really like all four colors. I'm not sure I would have ever tried one at the regular price. I need to try wearing them for a longer amount of time to see how they stand up to wear and tear. Right now, I might hold off on buying anymore.

Borghese at RiteAid sells for $8 a bottle.

I want to know, have you ever tired this brand before? 
*All products were purchased by me, for me. All opinions are my own.*

4 comments on "Borghese Spam"
  1. lovely colors!
    I picked up some polish at Rite Aid as well...75% off...heck yeah =)

  2. oooo i love them!! esp the grey and i like the purple. i really need to stop biting my nails so you can do them. love ya!


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