Wednesday, March 21, 2012
I thought I would have all the time in the world to do pretty nail stuff over break. That was a bust. =/ I only did one mani (the leopard one).

I then proceeded to get SUPER sick. I stayed in bed from Friday to Sunday. Somewhere in all of that, disaster struck.

China Glaze Shower Together with Kiss Black Striper

Yep. On my left hand too. I may have cried. By the way, I lied...I did TWO manis. This was going to be my "First Day of Spring" mani, but I never got a chance to take pics. 

Now I have the nubbiest nubbins of all. They actually HURT ME when I look at them. Booooo. 

China Glaze Pink Voltage with a Color Club Sugarplum Fairy accent. This isn't an accurate representation of the color. See my thumb over there? ------> That is a snippet of what it looks like IRL.
Sooooo, we'll see how this goes. My nails don't grow very fast and I worked hard to get my nails to a length that I was happy with.

Have you ever had a really bad tear/break that couldn't be fixed?


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