French Mani

Thursday, March 1, 2012
Happy March!
Gah! Super, extra-quick post this morning. Here is a french mani I did awhile back for a night out to dinner. These are my natural nails. I used a sheer L'oreal pink called "Wishful Pinking" as the base (I think it was like three coats) and Zoya Purity for the tips. I used a black Kiss Striper for the smile lines. 

I promise to write longer and better reviews once my exam is over tomorrow! *EDIT: Ok, my exam was this morning (why did I say tomorrow up there? I have no idea. Exhaustion? lol) Anyway I only missed, at the most, 2 out of 100! Woot. 

I received my Julep Maven box for March yesterday, so be looking for those swatches. I am also expecting a Zoya package and...wait for it...A England's SAINT GEORGE. I am beyond stoked for that package. Woot!



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