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China Glaze Lubu Heels

Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Today I have an oldie but a goodie. =]

I was supposed to have a post about SensatioNail Purple Orchid and another polish...but I lost EVERYTHING on my camera. I am so bummed. 

I'm trying to play catch up. Bear with me! 

NOTD - Flakie

Friday, May 25, 2012
constantly struggle to capture flakies. I always have to resort to sub-par picture taking methods to get them to show off. Here is the Robyn, Maisie, Chloe combo. Please excuse the horrible quality. I wanted to show off the blue and pink!

IRL, it looks a bit like cotton candy, but not too girly! I love it!

Happy Friday. Hope you have a great (long) weekend!

Pretty & Polished Tart

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Hello! Today I have the other P&P mini to show you! I previously only wore it on two nails just to get a taste. Now I am wearing a full mani with Tart.

I used two coats. It definitely goes on very smooth, and the glitter isn't shy (usually). I had to place a few big hitter pieces on my nails because I kept taking them off with too much polish.

I have to say, IRL, the polish is a bit more of a darker lavender.  I love it!

Look at the pink, white and purple hex glitters! So fun!

 I love P&P's polishes (and others similar) because you can spice up a mani without any work! Thank you to all the lovelies who make such great polish! <3


Pretty and Polished Sand Art

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
I know. I wore it a few days ago. I CAN'T HELP IT! It looks amazing. However, today I am wearing the same number of coats of SA over Zoyas Robyn and Dove. If you thought you loved Robyn, get ready to die over the SA + R combo. Gorgeous, I tell ya! Sorry for the different background. My camera died at home so I charged it at work and took the photos there.

It is so much more beautiful in real life. I wish you could see it on my nails IRL!  My ring finger is a little accent with Dove! 

Remember, Pretty & Polished opens shop every so often. She will also be doing pre-orders soon, I think.

Jamberry Nail Shields

Sunday, May 20, 2012
Hi! Today I have a cute and simple mani to show you. I used a couple of Jamberry Nail Shields to create two cute accent nails for a black and white mani. I like the idea of nail shields because they are easy to apply and are great for people who struggle with nail art!

I used OPI Alpine Snow on my thumb, pointer and pinky!

Jamberry Nail Shields are heat activated. Once you peel the strip from the sheet, you place it on your nail lightly, fold it over the edge to create a crease and then cut it to fit your nail! After it is cut, use a blow-dryer to heat the sticky side then press it onto the nail. Quick, easy and painless. 

I had a little bit of trouble finding the perfect size of the samples, but the regular sheets have multiple sizes to choose from, and one little nail strip can do two nails and maybe even a toenail! 

If you are interested in these, check out the website at
A sheet sells for $15 dollars and you can get 2-3 manicures or pedicures out of a sheet. 
They have SOOOO many options! Also, there are many individual consultants for the company. Check out Cheryl's Facebook page for more info too! 

*I was provided this product for my honest review. I was not paid in any way. All opinions are my own.*

Pretty & Polished Sand Art and Tart

Friday, May 18, 2012
Ohhhhh yeah, baby! Look what came in the mail today! My Pretty & Polished mini order. I ordered Sand Art and Tart in minis. I should have gotten a full sized SA because holy amazeballs, Batman! I LOVE IT. I think I would be willing to trade my full bottle of Floam for a full sized bottle of Sand Art. Tart is great too!

I couldn't wait to try them both. Hence the craziness going on here. First, I have ONE COAT of Tart on my thumb and pointer fingers. Two coats would probably have been better, but it is quite opaque! I didn't have a problem with the glitter, although I think I must have shifted my hand too much and it all fell to the right side on my pointer...haha

I have one coat of Sand Art over my middle finger, two coats on the ring and three on the pinky. These are all over OPI Alpine Snow. 

I like Sand Art with just the one coat best. The application was a little thick, but nowhere near the thickness of Floam from Nail Venturous. 

If you are interested in those polishes, check out Pretty & Polished's Etsy shop here. She sells out extremely fast, so be vigilant!

Her mini sized bottles sell for $4.75.


*All products were purchased by me, for me. All opinions are my own and honest.*

Barielle Falling Star

Thursday, May 17, 2012
This was hard to capture! But it is gorgeous. Blue with copper glitter? Perfect.

The formula was quite thick, but I don't know if that is how they all are or if it was just this one. It was previously used once or twice. I'll try some thinner next time. =]


Zoya Loredana (shiny)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello! Happy Monday! Today I am keeping it simple with Zoya Loredana. This is a GORGEOUS matte, but when a topcoat is used...WOAH! Just beautiful. 


Guest Post on Love for Lacquer's Blog

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Hello and happy Wednesday!!!

Today Love for Lacquer is hosting my post. I wrote about my favorite things to use for nail art! Check it out!


Revlon - Facets of Fuchsia

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Hello lovelies! Today I have on something you all are probably aware of and have seen numerous times! Revlon has come out with many dupes for Deborah Lippmann's most sought out polishes. Facets of Fuchsia is a dupe for Bad Romance.


I have two coats of FOF over Wet n Wild Black Creme.

P.S. - Be on the look out for Voir la Beaute across the Internet this week! I have featured posts coming up over at Love for Lacquer, Taneja's Bride and Imperfectly Painted! I am a lucky girl. =]

Tissue Nail Art

Sunday, May 6, 2012
I learned this from Rebecca Likes Nails. =]

I used OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees and China Glaze Pink Voltage. At the end, I decided to throw on a Color Club glitter.

Also, it's finally SUMMER for me. I did get a job working 40 hours a week, but I won't have HW or anything to do in the evenings, so I look forward to having mani time! Woot!

 This is without top coat. I let SSITP dry all the way, then put a layer of PV over it, took a tissue and dabbed. Voila!
I like how the pink looks purple in some light.
One of my favorite rings! =] 

Anyway, be on the lookout for my guest blog on Love for Lacquer. I think it will be posted on Wednesday! Woot!
Have a fabulous week.