Pretty and Polished Sand Art

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
I know. I wore it a few days ago. I CAN'T HELP IT! It looks amazing. However, today I am wearing the same number of coats of SA over Zoyas Robyn and Dove. If you thought you loved Robyn, get ready to die over the SA + R combo. Gorgeous, I tell ya! Sorry for the different background. My camera died at home so I charged it at work and took the photos there.

It is so much more beautiful in real life. I wish you could see it on my nails IRL!  My ring finger is a little accent with Dove! 

Remember, Pretty & Polished opens shop every so often. She will also be doing pre-orders soon, I think.

1 comment on "Pretty and Polished Sand Art"
  1. So pretty! Now I need to go Zoya shopping! Hello online polish shopping! I want Tart also. It looks great in your next post!


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