Nail-Venturous - Pinkerbell

Friday, July 13, 2012
Hello! I was lucky enough to FINALLY get some Nail-Venturous Lacquers! I am so happy. =D
I bought Pinkerbell, Robin Laid an Egg and, wait for it...FLYING BLUE JAY! 

I know. 

Today I have Pinkerbell on! I used Zoya Pippa as underwear, as well as Borghese Maraschino Cherry for an accent. 

Flash to show toned down colors. 

I really like it! I enjoy it more than Floam. It is super thick, but that's normal for these types of polishes. 
Sadly, Nail Venturous polishes aren't sold any more by Amy.

3 comments on "Nail-Venturous - Pinkerbell"
  1. Love this don't you love Amy's polishes pretty amazing

  2. I love the color combos you chose here! Awesome!


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