Sad and Naked Nails - Story

Friday, July 6, 2012
Hi lovelies!

Today I have some unpleasant pics and a little story. While this isn't the end of the world, I am so disappointed in myself for what I did!

*EDIT* Let me be quite clear: I am fine, this was just a little spurt of emotion. As everyone says, nails grow back. And thank goodness for that! 

I don't usually have any breakdowns or emotional problems, but on the 4th, I had bit of an anxiety attack.

The result? I ripped off every. single. one. of my nails. Yeah. You read that right. I ripped them so far that a couple of them bled.

Then, in the shower the next day, my razor took a chunk off of my middle nail on my left hand.

Anyway, enough of the sad panda time! I have decided to use Nail Aid's 5 in 1 Grow Tougher Treatment, as well as their Pink Natural Growth Therapy from now until my nails are at a decent length again. I want YOU to see the progress I make. Hopefully these products (both of which I purchased with my own money, for me) turn out to work well!

Here are some pics and then a little more talk.

Here are the Nail Aids I will be using! Here is to hoping they help! I haven't decided if I'm going to start taking Biotin yet. We'll see!

I know my nails aren't as pretty when they are this short, but I hope you all stick with me. I will continue to polish my nails and post my designs/swatches on here!

10 comments on "Sad and Naked Nails - Story"
  1. Hey I like nubs. I think they're pretty! And I hope you feel better with no more anxiety attacks!

  2. Secretary`s Nail ArtJuly 6, 2012 at 10:36 PM

    After all that has happen I just want to send you a *hug*

  3. Aw, thanks. It really wasn't that bad. It was a quick attack and I'm sure I won't have another one anytime soon!

  4. Thank you, darling! I'm sure I'll be fine. This is only the second one I've had. The first was when I was a child!

  5. awww :( I hate when anything happens to my nails. I feel your pain! Hope they grow fast!

  6. If you want them to grow quickly, I recommend starting Biotin- I've been taking it since the beginning of the year and can see growth a couple days after I paint and mine have always been slow-growers.

  7. Actually, despite your having torn them off, (which as a recovering nail-picker I know can hurt quite a bit!) your nail beds are such a great shape!

  8. Thank you, Nichole!!!

  9. Yes, I am seriously considering taking it. I'm glad you see improvement with it!

  10. Thank you Stephanie!


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