Glisten & Glow Review

Sunday, August 12, 2012
Hello! After using some Gilsten & Glow products for a few days, I am ready to share my thoughts about them! (Be warned, it's pretty wordy).

First, we have the body spray. I received an 8oz bottle in the scent Viva la Juicy (not the actual brand, but the scent similar to Juicy Couture).

By the way, you have an (almost) endless amount of scents to choose from AND you'll get custom labels if you ask (for all the hand made products). You can even mix and match!

I LOVE THIS SCENT. The fact that I can get 8oz for $10.50 is just awesome.

A couple of things about the spray to note. It stays on your body and clothes for a while - which is perfect.

The only slight problem might be the fact that it is a bit oily on contact. However, I haven't noticed ANY oil stains on my clothes and my skin isn't oily after about 30 seconds.

I will definitely purchase more body sprays in the future.

Next up is the cuticle oil! Yay for awesome cuticle oil!

You can get a 2oz bottle of cuticle oil for $6 or a 4oz for $9.

The Glis-tics roller for the cuticle retails $10.50 for a .37oz container. No more mess? Yes, please!

I chose to mix raspberry and vanilla for my cuticle oil. The oil is great! A little oily for a minute or so, but my cuticles soak it up like they are starved for moisture. I absolutely love the results I have seen after almost a week.

I do have to say one thing about this scent, I'm not the biggest fan. This is totally my fault - the smell just doesn't go well with my body! My boyfriend said he likes it, but I'm still trying to get used to it. Next time, I am going to try the best selling scent in Sangria White Peach!

Here are the links to the shop pages!
Prices and Scents

All prices listed DO NOT include shipping.

*Some of these products were sent to review, some I paid for with Copious credit. All opinions are my own and honest.*
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  1. Oooh, I'm loving the mani in these pics! So cute!

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